A Step by Step Blueprint for

Developing a Process, Hiring a Remote Team &

Taking Back Your TIME.

Enroll in the most robust marketing automation course available.  Packed with 20+ hours of video content covering everything from hiring the right remote team members to scaling your business using automation, it's ALL HERE

From beginning to end, this is the best course on scaling your business I've ever taken.

Alex Quin

CEO of UADV.net

I've Built a Successful Agency 

that Runs Itself

Time is the ONE thing we can't get back.  

I always hear entrepreneurs say things like: "I don't have the time" or "I'm working." 

I get it.  Working within a business is hard.  

However, there are ways to delegate (especially if you're bootstrapping) by leveraging remote, affordable talent and training them on how to complete specific tasks using video training and task management software.  

I'm Here to Help You Win

I've been through it.

I've been through the "freelancer" stage.  Doing everything yourself, pulling your hair out because you have no work/life balance.  

I took the time to create the process, the automation and the video training to help you empower your team.

I'm invested in you.  From the weekly hours in the private group to the live interactions, you have a direct line to me and my team.

Start Taking Back Your Time Today!

Join countless marketers and entrepreneurs who are KILLING it with automation today!

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Invest in Yourself!

The Course You've Been Waiting For...

You've Basically Discovered Cheat Codes for Scaling Your Business

Before we get into the course, let me ask you a few questions:

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work on your plate?

Is it difficult to manage multiple projects for yourself or clients?

Are you a "one-man/woman" show looking to scale but think it's too expensive to hire a local team?

Do you own an online business, marketing agency or use the internet regularly for your business?

Are you tired of "fluff" content and need actionable tactics you can use VERBATIM?

Do you need help training your staff?

If you answered yes to 1 (or all!) of these questions then you're ready!

One of the very best guys in the game. John's course has saved me time and money. Recommend him so highly.

Alex Wall

CEO of StarDevil

Actionable Video Content

Each video is created and curated by our internal team.

Items include:

• Finding Stellar Talent

• Writing GREAT Job Descriptions

• How to Create a Workflow for Your Team

• How to Leverage Tools to Delegate

• How to Communicate Internally

• Job Template Training

• Leveraging Management Tools

• Reviewing Team Assignments / Delegation

• On-Going Training

• Content Marketing / Blog Creation and more!

Proven Docs and Sheets

All of our docs.  

All you need to do is copy our folder.

I've included access to our Google Folder with ALL of the docs you need to crush it.  This coupled with Asana and you have a powerhouse of platforms built on ease of use. 

• Job Templates

• Entire Google Drive Folder

• Workflow Docs

• Email Templates

• Job Description Templates Pre-Built

Private Group Access

You also gain access to ME and the team.  Via our Facebook Group or during my LIVE sessions weekly.

No fluff, I'm here to HELP.

I also post tons of updates:

• Automation Integrations

• Updates to Course Curriculum

• New Training Docs and More!

My Students are CRUSHING IT!

It's easy for ME to say the course is great.  So, listen to entrepreneurs using our actionable content to kill it with their businesses:

Dan DiMassa

Die Epic

Jose Castellanos

Recon Media Inc.

Wayne Thompson


Jose Rodriguez

The Reflex Media

Dawrence Constant

Constant Enterprises

This IS NOT a Get Rich Quick Course

There are a lot of courses out there that claim to make you rich by magically empowering you with the tools to purchase a Ferrari.

My course is for entrepreneurs willing to invest the time and money required to build and grow a real business.

Those who take the time to setup their business and teach their team members our process will be able to benefit from it exponentially in the form of free time and growth.

"John is a patient teacher and is consistently delivering value adding information, content and resources."

Robert Mayberry | Mayberry Agency

Who is this Course For?

This course is for savvy business owners and newbies alike.  The Marketing Automation Academy is the first of its kind to provide actionable tactics in REAL TIME.  It's ideal for:

Marketing Agencies

For marketing teams or agency owners looking to scale


For marketers, designers, bloggers looking to scale their efforts at a low cost

eCommerce Store Owners

Those that own ecommerce businesses can leverage remote talent


Own a popular blog?  Leverage the course to automate mundane tasks

Online Entrepreneurs

Own an online business?  

This course is for YOU.

Anyone Looking to Scale

Any task can be automated and delegated.  Trust me!

Inside the Academy

Take a sneak peek at the content inside...

Ugh...I'm not the biggest fan of talking about myself, but here goes!  

Since you're taking the time to checkout the course, it's only right that I give you a bit about me.

I'm a Digital Marketing Strategist working in the space for 9+ years.  I began at an agency in South Florida moving up through the company to the Marketing Director while overseeing campaigns for Audi, Land Rover and Ford.  It was then I decided to venture out on my own to start a boutique agency called, 5Four Digital.

The first year was bumpy, as I worked on everything myself.  I was lacking sleep, variety and a social life. Once I was able to implement a remote team and delegate, we grew exponentially, managing campaigns for Lawyers, Non-Profits and Inc. 5000 companies.  

This allowed me to present on marketing topics around the globe and enjoy life with my wife and newborn son.

John D. Saunders   

Allow Me to Introduce Myself!

Manages high-level marketing campaigns for Land Rover, Audi, and the NAACP.

Teaches over 1,900 students on Udemy how to develop websites.

Founder of award-winning digital marketing agency with Fortune 1000 clients.

Speaker at the University of Miami, Florida International University and invite-only private workshops.

Scaled and sold 3 e-commerce businesses in under two years.

Start Taking Back Your Time Today!

Join countless marketers and entrepreneurs who are KILLING it with automation today!

One-Time Payment of $997 (Save $191!)

Pay in Full

Payment Plan

4 Monthly Payments of $297 

Invest in Yourself!

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