John D. Saunders Shares His Exact Step-By-Step Process for Maximizing Blog Shares Using Automation

Includes Google Sheets, Templates and Docs!

My Free 22+ Page Guide includes Google Sheets, templates and docs.

PLUS, video training to automate your entire blog sharing process with ease!

I've packed 22 pages of ACTIONABLE content into the Blog Promo Action Guide PDF.

It includes my step-by-step directions for sharing your blog to maximize exposure without spending a $1

22+ Pages of 

Actionable Content

Get my exact video training on getting your blog content to the masses.

You can even use this training to offshore the tasks to your team!


Video Training

I've prepped and created Google Sheets for you to track your process after month's of finding the best methods.  It's all!


Google Sheets

Ugh...I'm not the biggest fan of talking about myself, but here goes!  

Since you're taking the time to checkout the course, it's only right that I give you a bit about me.

I'm a Digital Marketing Strategist working in the space for 9+ years.  I began at an agency in South Florida moving up through the company to the Marketing Director while overseeing campaigns for Audi, Land Rover and Ford.  It was then I decided to venture out on my own to start a boutique agency called, 5Four Digital.

The first year was bumpy, as I worked on everything myself.  I was lacking sleep, variety and a social life. Once I was able to implement an offshore team and delegate, we grew exponentially, managing campaigns for Lawyers, Non-Profits and Fortune 5000 companies.  

This allowed me to present on marketing topics around the globe and enjoy life with my wife and newborn son.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself!

John D. Saunders