#BootstrapLife: How I Furnished My ENTIRE Minimalist Office for Less than $700

What’s Up entrepreneur, fam!

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to save a buck.  As entrepreneurs, we’re resourceful AF, right?

That’s how we stay ahead of the curve and lean in our execution.  In today’s blog, I wanted to break down how I furnished my NEW home office!  It’s my safe space.
A great place to focus and grind out a busy work schedule.  Below, I’ve included links and pics of where I got my stuff.

The Desk – SmartDesk2 Home Edition ($298)

One thing I’d searched LONG and WIDE for is a solid, standing/sitting desk that was both affordable and durable.

I got served a Facebook ad from Autonomous and fell in love with the quality of their content and reviews. I ended up getting a converting desk (one button push from sitting to standing) for $298.

YES, you read that right. I’ve had it for almost two years (and it came with me through a move) and still works flawlessly.

Solar Powered Keyboard + Wireless Speaker ($69.99 + $31.99)

I purchased a solar powered keyboard to save on not having to purchase batteries every dew months.

After thorough research, I found an AWESOME one on Amazon by Logitech.  The keys are fluid and it includes a number pad panel.

Also, as a BIG music-head, I wanted a clean, wireless speaker that matched my aesthetic and provided solid sound.

IKEA Bookcase ($119)

I’m a HUGE fan of IKEA.  Not only is their brand a flawless representation of efficiency, they make products that I can build myself (adding to my confidence) and are usually of a pretty high quality.  I was looking for something to house:

  • – My Books
  • – Yeti Speaker
  • – Projector
  • – Random Action Figures (I’m not growing up, dammit)

Plus, this bookshelf ALSO has two large drawers at the bottom for additional items.  In one word, it’s DOPE. 

Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Whiteboard ($60.67)

Whiteboards are AWESOME.  I’ve wanted one for a long time, as there’s no better feeling than physically crossing something off your list, to parallel your productivity.

Whiteboards are expensive.  However, I found a SOLID company on Amazon that provides whiteboards at a reasonable price.

Quartet’s whiteboard is SOLID and easy to install in any room.

Office Futon ($119)

IKEA is LIFE.  I got this futon at a steal and was the perfect final piece to my office.  It’s pretty comfortable and a perfect accent to the room.  I record all of my videos here and use it for brainstorming sessions throughout the day.

I hope you enjoyed my quick post!  If you have ANY questions, hit me up on Instagram