The Exact Process to Build an Affordable, Remote Team and Earn 5-Figures Monthly for a Multitude of Clients...

Welcome to the #RemoteTeamMasterClass where I show you...

You are about to learn the specific ways YOU can create an internal process, train affordable team members, and delegate your tasks to free up your time and SCALE!

* very limited seating - only 500 spots for each webinar we do... *

What You'll Learn on the FREE Webinar...

On the FREE webinar, we'll talk about how to build your company by creating a PROCESS and delegate tasks!

How to Create a Process

Before you hire ANYONE, it's important to perfect your internal process. We go through specific examples and provide downloadable docs and templates.

Build a Remote Team

How to bootstrap your team of talented pros for less.  The process for finding the best folks to scale your efforts locally and abroad and the sites we use to find amazing talent.

Scale Your TIME

Learn the exact concepts I use to scale my time and enjoy a balanced life of work, play and travel. Get the EXACT tools to make the process simple so you can spend time ON your business not IN it..

I've packed 22 pages of ACTIONABLE content into the Blog Promo Action Guide PDF.  Stay til the end Of my webinar and I will give you my step-by-step directions for sharing your blog to maximize exposure without spending a $1 (a $697 value) for FREE!

BONUS!  You Get 22+ Pages of Actionable Content

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Meet John D. Saunders!

Managed high-level marketing campaigns for Land Rover, Audi and the NAACP.

Taught over 1,900 students on Udemy how to develop Wordpress websites.

Founder of 5four Digital, an award-winning digital marketing agency with Fortune 1000 clients.

Speaker at the University of Miami, Florida International University and invite-only private workshops

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